产品系列化(Product seriation)是标准化的高级形式,是标准化高度发展的产物,是标准化走向成熟的标志;系列化是使某一类产品系统的结构优化、功能最佳的标准化形式。系列化通常指产品系列化,它通过对同一类产品发展规律的分析研究,经过全面的技术经济比较,将产品的主要参数、型式、尺寸、基本结构等作出合理的安排与计划,以协调同类产品和配套产品之间的关系。
Product seriation is an advanced form of standardization, a product of standardization to highly develop and a sign of standardization to mature. Serialization is a standardized form to optimize the structure and perfect the function of a product system. Serialization usually refers to the serialization of products, which makes reasonable arrangements and plans for the main parameters, types, sizes and basic structures of products through analysis and research on the development regulations of similar products and through comprehensive technical and economic comparison, so as to coordinate the relationship between similar products and supporting products.